Sunday, January 29, 2012

#23 Spring in January

Yesterday was an insanely beautiful day... finally, some sunshine in the midwest! It didn't feel like January, more like a blustery fall day. I picked an outfit with a splash of bright neon blue to match the gorgeous sky. My best friend and I hit the mall and walked around outside for the entire day. Sorry about all the squinting! It was so bright outside!

JACKET Brown Leather Jacket, F21 | TOP Color Blocked Silk Blouse, Ann Taylor Loft | JEANS Skinny Jeans, Old Navy | SHOES Tan Buckle Boots, F21 | NECKLACE Rhinestone Compass Necklace, Target | EARRINGS 1/2" Turquoise Spirals, Body Art Forms | SUNGLASSES Gold Prescription Aviators, Ray Ban

I'm not a big "brown" person. Most of the more neutral colors in my wardrobe are black and white. Recently, I've really been getting into shades of brown, taupe, and cognac. They are so beautiful. I really think pairing brown with bright neon blue or cobalt is a really unusual but gorgeous color combination and it's something I'm definitely going to continue on in the future.

I'm a huge fan of bright pastels for spring. The top I'm wearing is from Ann Taylor, which I normally associate with more mature work-wear. However, they have a ton of cute stuff for spring, including pastel colored skinny jeans and gorgeous, bright silk tops. It may be winter time, but that doesn't mean we can't be colorful.

Some of my favorite pastels and brights for spring include:


There are so many to choose from! I just purchased the leopard wedges at H&M on our mall trip. They are so comfortable and inexpensive! I also bought the black and white wrist cuff from F21 and the wedges in black from ALDO (not pictured). My favorite items here include the pastel bunting necklace from ASOS, all of the floral print, the gorgeous lilac wedges from ALDO (sold out in my size... *SOB*), the Dior Garden Party collection nail lacquers, and the pastel Jeffrey Campbell studded loafers, which come in a variety of pastel colors. The ALDO Calcagni wedges are fabulous and come in a ton of Spring colors. Just beware-- they are about 1.5-2 sizes smaller than you would normally buy (I bought an 11 and I'm a 9).

I love pastels and brights! I'm looking forward to absorbing as much color as possible into my wardrobe this year. What are your favorite pastel and bright colors that you're looking forward to wearing this Spring?

Monday, January 16, 2012

#22 Purple

One of my new years resolutions is to post more outfit pictures... so here we are, 16 days into January, and I'm starting to blog again. The two things that really keep me from blogging are #1: finding outfits that are appropriate to post (because I am a teacher, my work outfits are often quite basic) and #2: finding a good location with lots of light and a photographer to take photos! My apartment has terrible light for photography (but it's still a great place!) and I work from 7am-5pm, which means lately I rarely get to see daylight, let alone take photos! :) I'm working on it though, and I missed this blog so much while I was on hiatus! Back to the fashion...

In terms of colors, my wardrobe tends to be on the more masculine side. Lots of black, grays, greens, and blues. I don't have a lot of pink or purple clothing, but lately I've really started to love purple. I especially think lavender/gray-purple shades are very flattering on my skin tone and go perfectly with my red hair and green eyes.

JACKET Black boyfriend blazer w/ striped lining, F21 | TOP Ruffled Lavender Tunic, Ann Taylor Loft | JEANS Black Skinny Jeans, Old Navy | SHOES Black Buckle Boots, ALDO | NECKLACE Rhinestone leaf, F21 | RING Black Stone Ring H&M | BRACELET Crystal & Bed Wrap Bracelet, Juicy Couture

I love the surprising combinations of lavender, red (hair), and green (glasses) in this post! The Juicy Couture bracelet (which my wonderful boyfriend got for my birthday in December) also adds a pop of great color and is a huge conversation piece-- I always get questions and compliments whenever I wear it.

While I'm thinking about accessories, have any of you heard of Warby Parker? They have some really unique and vintage-looking eyewear for only $95, including prescriptions online. I recently found out they have a display in Milk Bar in Columbus so I'm going to check that out this week and possibly get a new pair or two to add to my repertoire. I could use some different frames to switch it up-- I love my greens but I could definitely use a change of pace. What's that? You want to know my favorites from the Warby Parker collection? Done and done.

Roosevelt, Bondi Blue

Huxley, Tennessee Whisky

Crosby, Burgundy Fade

Beckett, Striped Evergreen

I'll keep you posted on how my Warby Parker excursion goes... I'll certainly need your suggestions on which glasses to get! :) Thanks for reading, and hello to my new followers! Even after months of hiatus, I'm up to 70 followers. WOW. Thank you so much for all of your support! Happy blogging, and happy belated new years everyone!