Wednesday, May 9, 2012

#26 Being in the Public Eye

So I wanted to take a second and reach out to my other blog fashionistas out there and inquire about a specific problem or issue I'm having. Advice or thoughts would be appreciated.

I recently submitted one of my OOTD's to a plus size fashion tumblr that I really love because firstly, I adore it and I want to be a part of it and, secondly, I was hoping to get some traffic and new followers to my blog. When I checked the tumblr, there were a lot of reblogs and some sweet compliments that really continue to boost my confidence and make me feel positively about maintaining my fashion blog. However, when I checked one of the tumblrs, I was pretty disgusted to see my photo on a pornographic NSFW tumblr. I feel extremely grossed out and uncomfortable with that. I could ask the person to take it off their blog but I'm not sure if that's truly going to accomplish anything.

I am not so naive as to misunderstand what happens when you submit photos or content to the internet-- it is out there permanently for anyone to use, misuse, post, reblog, edit, etc. Just my image juxtaposed with these pornographic ones was upsetting. I guess at this point, I either have to accept that people may reblog my images and accept the so-called "terms" of the internet or I have to be solely an admirer, not a participant in these submission tumblrs to try to redeem some of my privacy. My images are on Pinterest now too-- which again, is a blessing and a curse because it brought me lots of traffic and awesome new blogs to read yet at the same time, is a symbol of my loss of control over my own images (literally in two senses: images of me and MY images). And when you get down to it, if I'm that concerned with protecting my images, then I guess I shouldn't have a blog at all because anyone could steal my images from this page alone and use them inappropriately or without my permission-- people already did on Pinterest. Is that really the right and only answer?

Such is my dilemma. What are your thoughts? Have your images ever been misused or posted on an inappropriate website? How did you deal with this issues? Please share your thoughts and experiences-- it would really be helpful to me.

UPDATE: The person who re-blogged my image respectfully took it down. Faith in humanity somewhat restored. Would still love thoughts on this debate!