Friday, August 5, 2011

#14 Blog Feature

Long time, no see. It's barely been 7 days, but somehow it feels like forever since I've posted. It's been a crazy last few weeks. I sadly left NYC at the end of July, spent a two days at home, and then went to Nashville for a week of educator professional development. I'm really enjoying myself but I've been all over the place in the past month. I have a few pics of my outfit from a formal educator's gala I went to on Thursday that I can't wait to show you tomorrow, as well as some incredible shots of the hotel I stayed at while in Nashville.

I just went on to check my stats, some messages, and return some comments, when lo and behold! I was so amazed and excited to see I was featured on Natalie's blog, "Extra Large As Life." Super cool. I am blushing hard and feeling so flattered to be one of the featured blogs. AND, I'm even more stoked to see all the new followers of Ze Zaftig! Thanks, new followers! Welcome!

Please visit Natalie's blog. It's really fantastic and full of a lot of inspirational, fashionable photos as well as gorgeous photos of her fierce Australian self.


  1. Just wanted to say, LOVE your blog. And name is also Sarah Rose, and I've also been to Jacob Riis park many times as a kid! I had forgotten about mouth fell open when I read that. Keep up the cute blog!

  2. CONGRATS on your feature girl! I agree with Natalie! I sort of have a girl crush on you too! Your curves in your clothes really make me smile (as I wipe the drool from my mouth)!! LOL Kiah