Friday, October 7, 2011

#21 Eyebrows

I'd rarely thought about the shape of my eyebrows recently until the incredible Nicolette Mason graciously commented on them on my last post. I realized how thick and full they are, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'd always admired thin, shapely eyebrows with a high arch and wished that mine could look like that-- elegant and sleek. I've always considered mine to be "hairy caterpillars" growing on my face and the fact that they completely lack an arch doesn't help. Plucking them thin always looked ridiculous and I dislike the way eyebrow pencils make them look so dark. It's a love-hate relationship, and truthfully, I have no idea what to do with them. I remember when I was in 8th grade and I over-plucked them, looking super classy with eyebrows that began at my pupils, separated by 4 long inches of glorious hairlessness. If anyone has any ideas about how to shape them, please let me know. Otherwise, I'll just keep with my caterpillars. I'm learning to love them.

GLASSES Menswear Tortoiseshell, Rayban | PLUGS Cubic Zirconia 7/16", Body Art Forms | NECKLACE Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver Studs, Noir Jewelry | RING Black Oval Stone, H&M | TOP Lace Back Drape Shirt, H&M | SKIRT Textured Pull-on Skirt, H&M | TIGHTS Sweater Knit Tights, H&M | JACKET Faux Leather Jacket, Forever 21 | FLATS Glitter Ballet Flats, J Crew

I love this lipstick, by the way. I think it makes the whole outfit. I love the combination of neutral and neons, neon pink in this case. The color is "Schiap" by Nars purchased at Sephora. If you like this tint but want something a little more subdued, I suggest "Roman Holiday" by Nars, as well. It's perfect for day time wear! My nail color is "Carnival" by Essie and I recently purchased "Mint Candy Apple" by Essie as well. Those are my Fall beauty obsessions! If anyone has any eyebrow product suggestions or tips, please feel free to advise. :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

#20 Dream Weaver

Long time, no outfit post! :) That's back-to-school life for me. And now that I'm no longer staying with my boyfriend, I rarely have an excellent photographer around. Thankfully, last weekend my friend Ellie and I shopped 'till we dropped, and luckily I was able to convince her to take a few shots of my outfit on top of the parking garage. Pardon the squinting... it was such a beautiful sunny day!

JACKET Rouched Sleeved Jacket, H&M | TOP Black Snakeskin Ballerina Tunic, Urban Outfitters | JEANS Black Skinny Jeans, Old Navy | SHOES Black Strappy Wedges, Target | NECKLACE Dream Catcher Necklace, Vintage | EARRINGS 7/16" Jade Plugs, Body Art Forms | PURSE Studded Metallic Clutch, Marc Jacobs

I love this necklace. It's such a huge statement piece and I think it really makes the outfit. I bought it at a vintage/thrift shop in New York City a few years ago. I rarely wear it, but ever since I've decided to try to wear more of what I own and buy less, it came back into my regular rotation. However, I always feel conflicted about "ethnic" pieces like these: is wearing them a celebration of a beautiful and rich culture, or simply exploiting an oppressed racial group? What do you think?

The wedges from Target are amazing, too. They are a blatant rip-off of Dolce Vita's wedges (which most likely are runway rip-offs), but they are so comfortable and only cost about $30. Sadly, as the weather seems to be getting cooler and cooler, this will probably be my last outfit post featuring open-toed shoes! On the other hand, I can't wait for fall fashion...

Finally, I really want to thank everyone who voted for me in the Talbots contest. Sadly, I didn't win, but I really appreciate everyone who took a few minutes out of their day to vote! Thank you so much!