Tuesday, December 25, 2012

#46 Wallflower

Oh... hey. I didn't see you there. Good to know you're still reading. Merry Christmas by the way. Remember that time I moved to New York and things were really hard and usually fun but especially hard? Remember that time I had a terrible situation with my landlord and four months after my move to NYC I had to move to a different apartment? Yeah, that was fun. Don't ask.

Excuses aside, it has been a very challenging first few months in NYC. I don't regret for a single second making the move from Ohio --> NYC. I love my job, my students, and the opportunity to experience new things, culture, art, and amazing food every day. But it isn't easy. Definitely not easy. Thanks to everyone who kept up with my little blog and asked about my whereabouts. You are awesome.

I wore the following outfit to a Holiday party for work. I'm obsessed with these ASOS line of wiggle dresses. They elegantly accentuate curves and you may know about my affinity for dresses with pockets. I'm not one for below the knee length dresses that aren't maxis, but there's something so classy and regal about it. I got a lot of comparison to Joan from Mad Men that night. Pardon the bags underneath my eyes-- these photos are not photoshopped and wow, it's been a challenging month.

DRESS Wallpaper Wiggle Dress, ASOS | BELT Golden Bug Belt, ASOS Curve | SHOES Red Suede Wedges, ALDO

Happy holidays & happy New Year!


  1. Wow, you look gorgeous. Amazing dress, very classy as you say. I love dresses to have pockets too. Hope you had a happy holidays too. :)

  2. That dress is fantastic and you look stunning. So glad you're back and I hope that things are looking up.

  3. You look amazing! Seems like a crazy few months, hope it all settles down for you. xox