Thursday, July 12, 2012

#30 - Welcome to Harlem

I officially moved to Harlem on July 2 (then had to go back to Cleveland for a family reunion) and in the approximately 10 days I've lived here, I just am so amazed by this city and by my neighborhood. Harlem is a beautiful, vibrant place, and deserves SO much more credit than it is given. The people here have been so welcoming and kind to me in every possible way. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of this community. I can't wait to start work and get to meet my students in about two short months!

Moving to NYC from Ohio has been quite a lifestyle change. I'm slowly feeling myself turning into an authentic New Yorker (annoyed by tourists, figuring out how not to fall on the Subway, running in heels/wedges to catch a train) and there are some things that have been hard to get used to-- no driving, no public restrooms, and no large sodas! Damn you, Bloomberg. However, there are so many things that I have always loved and am growing to love more and more. Walking everywhere is certainly not convenient, but I'm so amazed by what I see. The subway, too. I get to listen to music now and chill (road-rage free!), I get to be physically active nearly every moment of every day (my body is rejecting it but, soon I'll be used to it!). And the fashion! I'm trying not to be that creepy weirdo staring all slack-jawed at people on the subway, but I'm so inspired by what all different people of all different shapes, sizes, colors, and ages are rocking every single day. I can't help but make mental notes when I see a unique piece, or an accessory worn a certain way, or a color combination that I've never thought of before. It's been a little bit lonely sometimes (not a ton of close friends here... yet) but I have to say that I'm utterly inspired and awed by being here.

I hope to get a tripod and a remote soon so I can take some real outfit pictures, especially while I'm exploring, but I hope these cell phone pics will do for now!

DRESS Black Silk Ruffle Wrap Dress, Banana Republic| SHOES All Caps Wedges, Jeffrey Campbell | BAG Nickoley, ALDO (on sale for $32!)

I have to pat myself on the back-- er, head-- for what I would like to say was a phenomenal hair day! This dress is my go-to dress when I want to look classy and fierce. You can't see the ruffles too well in the cell phone pics (my bad!), but they add a very feminine touch to this classic silhouette. It's also very "flattering" for every body type, if you're into that kind of thing. BR is definitely a place I like to shop for work-to-evening kind of looks (and they go up to a size 18/20). The bag is my dream-- a pretty classy color-blocked bag that is HUGE. It fits my 13" laptop and pretty much everything and anything else, and still zips!

I was wandering around Soho yesterday, checking out some swanky places on and off of Prince Street, doing a little furniture browsing in the beautiful Room & Board on Wooster. I popped in to the Miu Miu store inspired by the wonderful Nicolette Mason and was blown away by the shoes and sunglasses. Maybe after I receive my first paycheck I'll blow a good chunk of it on these absolutely mind-blowing sunglasses:
If you're gonna live in NYC, you gotta look the part! More adventures forthcoming...


  1. I love your hair *_*

  2. So happy to hear that the move went well and you are loving NYC! And I must admit your hair is absolutely amazing!

  3. Can't wait for your newer blog posts!
    PS: Your hair is A M A Z I N G!

  4. you better wear those shoes!!! oxoxo!!! n congrats on the move love!

  5. Guh, i've been lusting after those Miu Miu Noir sunglasses, they are so amazing!

  6. Love your dress and hair! those sunglasses are pretty amazing, think they are a perfect pair!