Tuesday, July 31, 2012

#36 - Something Amazing (2)

I haven't done a Something Amazing post in a really long time (try almost a year ago today!), but I'm always discovering incredible things online. I really appreciate the opportunity to share some of my treasures with you. A few of my favorite blogs like Little Chief Honey Bee and MiniPenny write similar entries and I get a lot of inspiration and ideas from them. Leave some comments and let me know what you were diggin' the most.

These amazing iPhone covers from Zero Gravity via Etsy. Makes me wanna upgrade from my Android. They also have awesome laptop and iPad covers too.

This incredible denim vest! It's like Froot Loops meets stegosaurus meets punk rock. No idea where it came from or who made it. If anyone has the artist/designer, let me know and I'll credit.

"It offered, quite simply, the same tripe that Hollywood has always pushed on women—that their sexual desires are only acceptable when they’re safely tethered to a narrative of true, monogamous love."

This incredible article from Storyboard about the movie Magic Mike, and how it enforces antiquated societal laws about women and their sexuality.

If you're a huge Batman nerd like I am, you will love this video. It's an eerie piece of proof that Heath Ledger's voice as the Joker was inspired by Tom Waits. Fast forward to about 2:15 and you'll see the resemblance. Crazy!

This really simple ombre DIY tutorial. I need to find some white denim and then try it out. Really simple directions that are easy to follow.

This stunning statement necklace from Seraphim in Australia, which makes accessories and clothing for women sizes AU18-26. Combines the Aztec and bib necklace trend in one. Love it! When I get my first paycheck, I know I'm gonna hit this up. And I believe the model is also the designer. Isn't she beautiful?

These unbelievable shoes from J Crew. When did J Crew get so fun and funky? Wish an unlimited budget, all of these shoes would be mine! Light neon green suede pumps? SWOON. And those glitter "psychedelic" oxfords by Creatures of the Wind are to die for.

And this concludes today's episode of Something Amazing! If you know something that should be posted on my next episode, please leave it in the comments box! My first day of work is tomorrow and I am so crazy excited and nervous. Can't wait to meet everyone and get started. Happy Hump Day, y'all!

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