Tuesday, July 17, 2012

#32 Ze Zaftig Explores I: St. John The Divine & East Village

Because I'm doing so much exploring and photography, I wanted to take a break away from fashion for a moment to share some of my new life with you in a photoblog series that I am going to call "Ze Zaftig Explores!" Moving to New York has really breathed new life into me and I'm constantly blown away by all the things I'm able to see and do during my time here. In this series, I'll share a handful of photos with captions so you can see what I'm up to!

This is my brownstone. It's such a beautiful place!

My neighbor brownstones.

Definitely on my top 10 of reasons why I love Harlem: the graffiti!

Morningside Park/Pond near Columbia. Beautiful little oasis.

I visited St. John The Divine, the cathedral-- one of the biggest in the world!

My absolute favorite statue in the entire cathedral.

One of the smaller rooms for worship in the cathedral.

A peaceful sanctuary behind the cathedral, called the Bible Gardens.

No big deal-- peacocks just hang out in garden. Really tame peacocks.

Such a beautiful bird!

Some kind of storage or garbage block mural. Art is everywhere. This was in the East Village.

More in the East Village.

I love these multi-colored fire escapes on the of the building on 4th St in the East Village.

Wow: the juxtaposition of her facial express with the sad pile of clothes underneath her.

INCREDIBLE vegetarian samosas at Pukk in the East Village! Made with fake duck.

Couldn't get a clear shot of my hugely amazing drink, but this is a great view of the restaurant's decor.

My green curry with tofu that I am desperate to recreate.

More of the inside. Look at those tiled booths and tables!

A mannequin on the sidewalk in the East Village. Totally normal for a Monday night.

Indian/Bangladeshi restaurant, lit up like a Christmas tree.


  1. Oh! These photos are amazing and makes me want to fly over and explore the US even more!

  2. Hi! I have reserved comment until now because I'm originally from NJ, so when you say NY -and then Harlem --! I've been following your journey holding my breath ... and ... such tremendous pictures! You perfectly capture the city in all its diversity - SERIOUSLY CONSIDER PUBLISHING A COFFEE TABLE SIZED BOOK ON THE CITY!!! One example of why u r such a fine photographer: you've captured a brownstone in all its beauty! Didn't know about the Bible Gardens - or that there could be tame peacocks! Love this!!!

  3. Amazing images I want to visit new york so much, so many amazing sights!

  4. Wow! the pictures are all very lovely. I especially love that peacock shot!

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