Saturday, July 28, 2012

#35 Re-Education

Thank you to everyone for your support for what will be called "fat shaming incident #87"-- sadly this is not the first time this has happened to me. But after having a good sleep on it, I am still feeling really proud that I called to let this woman know how I felt. Not just a few minutes after my blog was posted, I received two phone calls from this woman and immediately my mind went to the worst possible scenario. Did she call to cuss me out? To tell me how fat I am? I was a little bit nervous to listen to the voicemails.

To my pleasant surprise, she left two voicemails apologizing. She said she never meant to make me feel like I needed to lose weight and expressed her guilt about the anger she'd caused me. She was actually really sweet. We even texted back and forth and talked a little about our mutual body issues-- what a strange but serendipitous interaction with a stranger. And I know next time, she'll think twice before she hands out her card to a proud curvaceous woman. It's true-- you can never really educate or expand someone's mind if you're not willing to express your thoughts, feelings, and opinions, albeit politely.

Below is what I wore last night. I'm especially excited to show you my new glasses, also bought from Fabulous Fanny's in the East Village. I'm kind of a hater and don't want to share my cool glasses secret with anyone, but... you can buy some of their frames online. ACK. Ok. Secret is out. There are so many hot bloggers that need to share their amazing glasses secrets, too! Hint hint. They're a little expensive, but they're really well made and have some frames that are really flattering on wider faces like mine.

I love the amber and clear! Just clear alone didn't look right on me.

The amber is almost the exact same color as my hair!

Top part of my outfit. Apartment is still in "just moved in" status one month later. Yikes!

Bottom half. LOVE the stripes.

Really old Sam Edelman shoes that have been doctored a little.

A pretty crapstastic picture of my necklace! Doesn't do it justice!

I love this place!

DRESS Striped Black & Tan Maxi Dress, Target | BELT Braided Cognac Stretchy Belt, Target | NECKLACE Bejeweled Elephant Pendant, Forever 21 | SHOES Rhinestone Leather Flats, Sam Edelman

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