Saturday, July 16, 2011

#10 - SOMETHING AMAZING! Etsy Living Fashion

I'm just chilling in the apartment today and didn't plan on posting an outfit post or really posting at all, until I stumbled upon something really incredible from Etsy. After I was able to get my jaw back up from off the ground, I decided that every few weeks, I will be posting a segment called "Something Amazing!" featuring a piece of fashion that is truly amazing, yet also affordable.

Today's "Something Amazing!" comes from one of my favorite places to shop and gain inspiration, Etsy. Many of us may have heard hype of living fashion (remember the diamond tarantulas from Next Top Model?), where bedazzled little icky crawly things walk around on the hands, arms, lapels, and even faces of models. Since Next Top Model, I never thought living fashion could make me squeel with glee instead of horror. That is, until I stumbled upon Colleen Jordan's Etsy shop, Made by Colleen.

Colleen's shtick (pardon my Yiddish) is turning tiny potted plants in jewelry, making your earrings, necklace, or pin a mobile miniature greenhouse. Here are some examples below:


A pin.

The living jewelry ranges from about $15-$55 bucks, making it extremely affordable. The catch: they don't come with plants ready to go in them, so you'll have to have a bit of a green thumb and a little patience to really make your jewelry come alive. Still, I'm just really blown away at the charm, the whimsy, and the creativity of these pieces. I'll be picking up my planter necklace from Made by Colleen immediately! I hope you enjoyed my first segment of "Something Amazing!"


  1. That jewelry is super cool but I can't imagine wearing light clothing with it and risking getting them soiled (pun intended)!! lol I don't think I could "rock" this look but it is pretty darn special! Talk about "going GREEN" at its finest!! lol Kiah

  2. I've seen this before! I loved this stuff but really wasn't (and still isn't) sure of how to style it :P

  3. WOW..what AMAZING jewelry! Thanks for stopping by......following....and leaving such a sweet comment:)) I am following ya right back!

  4. aww, adorei! sou capaz de fazer re-blog no meu sobre este design :)
    gostei do blog, vou seguir.
    Um beijinho *
    Monstros do Armário

  5. Wow! That is sooo unique and different.

    Thanks for the sweet comment!

  6. These are so whimsical and pretty! I love Etsy too, so many creative people!


  7. ohhh this is sooo cute!! love it.