Saturday, July 2, 2011

#1 Welcome to NYC

First post! I'm excited to finally begin my fashion adventure via blog. I've been reading tons of fashion blogs, most especially for "plus-sized" women, as well as tons of blogs about body image and fat acceptance. These incredible female writers have brought out so much confidence in me and have inspired me to to post my own fashion photos, as well as photos of my travel and experiences. I will definitely be giving these stylish ladies shout outs in future posts.

To explain the title: I'm currently in New York City for the month of July, enjoying the summer with my boyfriend and contemplating my potential move to NYC someday in the near future. I have some great professional development opportunities (I'm a teacher) here for the summer, and I'm looking forward to learning more and seeing some fantastic schools in NYC. Right now I'm chilling out in Sunnyside in Queens and we're eventually going to be subletting a place in Brooklyn. Can't wait! And now, on to the outfit!

DRESS Purple & Yellow Striped Dress, Lux from UO | SHOES All Caps Strappy Wedges, Jeffrey Campbell | BAG Vintage Vietnam-Era Gas Mask Bag | BRACELETS Gold Bangles, Forever 21 SUNGLASSES (Not pictured) Gold Prescription Aviators, Ray Ban

I think these photos are very appropriate for a first post because I think they do my fashion persona justice-- they show how my style is bright, eccentric (with a penchant for the weird/strange), playful, and inspired by travel! What's your fashion persona?


  1. Welcome to the blog world!! I love your dress and I can't wait to see more from you! Kiah

  2. btw - I can't figure out how to follow you! I don't see a Google friends spot. Kiah

  3. NYC is the best place to be anytime of the year! Enjoy your time and blogging!