Monday, July 11, 2011

#6 Mintastic

Sorry about the absence everyone! I haven't been feeling well lately and needed a short break from posting. I'm also struggling to put together outfits you haven't seen yet via my suitcase (I'm visiting NYC for a month), so it's been a challenge to create outfit posts. Not to mention it's been SWELTERING hot in NYC, which unfortunately doesn't make me in the mood for pictures. I always get one of those sexy sweat mustaches that doesn't exactly scream to be photographed! AWESOME!

Anyway, I had an amazing day on Saturday. My boyfriend took me to the incredible High Line Park, which if you don't know, is an old metro station they remade into a gorgeous park. There's so many beautiful wild flowers, patches of bright green grass, stunning views of the Hudson River and the Manhattan Skyline, and picturesque views of bridges and old train tracks. He also surprised me with a fantastic champagne cruise around Manhattan! Such a lucky lady. Here's what I wore for the day:

Amazing citrus slushie with mango mix-in from the Kelvin Slushie truck. Perfect for a hot summer day. I look so serious with my slush, ha!

Taken at High Line park.

No makeup, sweaty face! Liberating!

My glitter black TOMS! So comfortable and perfect for walking around or even for work.

This is only a fraction of how beautiful this place is!

Gorgeous view of the city.

Vanna White, showing off the name of our boat, the "Manhattan." So happy!

This is my model goofy pose in front of the boat.

DRESS Mint Tee Dress, American Apparel | NECKLACE Beaded and Jeweled Chain, J Crew | SHOES Black Glitter, TOMS | PURSE Vietnam War-Era Gas Mask Bag, Vintage | BRACELETS Gold Bangles, Forever 21 | SUNGLASSES Prescription Aviators, Ray Ban

What an awesome day. I love how these photos came out! As you can see from the outfit, this dress doesn't exactly hide one's "imperfections." But it's all about me learning to love my body and no longer trying to hide or diminish things others (or society) might view as bad or ugly. In fact, I think my belly looks cute! I also love my legs in these photos. All this walking does a body good!

A year ago, my first thought upon seeing these photos would probably have been, "UGH! Why didn't I wear shapewear?" But as I'm reading fat acceptance blogs and changing my mind about what it means to be beautiful, I'm realizing I have some qualms with shapewear anyway. Firstly, it's incredibly uncomfortable. If I'm not comfortable, I don't feel good about myself. Secondly, it's WAY too hot to wear shapewear or any other layers underneath the dress. Thirdly, it's not realistic. I have a belly and shapewear doesn't hide it, it just smooths it out. Not wearing shapewear is part of me embracing fat acceptance, not apologizing or hiding who I am, and wearing what I want to wear and what is comfortable to wear, regardless of my size or what others think.

How do you feel about this issue? Do you wear shapewear? Why or why not?


  1. Love all of these pics! You are so so pretty! I love that cute little mint dress and those glitter Tom's are super cute! I have some Tom wedges that you will see in my next few posts. omg that smoothie looks YUM right now...I am so hot! lol I only wear my Spanx when I wear form fitting clothes. I used to live in them but then I too started thinking forget this its too dayum hot to care about how flat my tummy looks. I still wear them often but not daily! Thank you for your sweet comment! Kiah

  2. You make toms look fashionable!
    I loooove it! <3

    I don't like shapewear.
    I wear it only for formal (wedding) occasions, if ever.

  3. your blog is lovely, i love the glittery toms, i want some ! i am now following your blog :) feel free to check out mine:

  4. found your blog from YFF/Gabbi. Love your hair girl!

  5. I love the contrast of this dress with your hair! <3

  6. These pictures are absolutely fantastic and you look gorgeous! I adore your red hair, the color of that dress is fantastic, and those glitter Toms are so fun!

    Divergent Musings

  7. This are such great pictures…it makes me miss NYC. You look super cute! I love your dress and glitter TOMS…and no shapewear is needed. You look great keep rocking the confidence!!!