Wednesday, July 6, 2011

#4 Ancient Meets Modern

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I wandered around the financial district of NYC as well as Battery Park. The diversity of this city is amazing. Though I wasn't too impressed with the area, seeing the sunset over the Statue of Liberty on the waterfront of Battery Park was inspiring and beautiful.

I tried to wear something a bit more comfortable today as I knew we were going to be walking around a lot. Living in the Midwest, you sadly aren't accustomed to walking that much (I drive EVERYWHERE), but I'm enjoying the exercise and the sight-seeing. I tried to attempt "comfortable chic" and I think it worked out pretty well. I'm also happy to say I've figured out how to make my photos bigger-- hope you enjoy them!

TOP Gold "Crop" Top, Forever 21 | SHORTS Black Denim Cut-Off Shorts, Old Navy | EARRINGS Aztec Dangling Earrings, Forever 21 | SHOES Aztec Sneakers, Urban Outfitters | BAG Vietnam-Era Gas Mask Bag, Vintage | GLASSES Green Prescription Glasses, Vintage

I love these Aztec shoes I got from Urban Outfitters. They have lots of different styles, colors, and patterns and they're currently selling them 2 for $30, which is a great deal. They're a little snug so I suggest wearing them out or sizing up before you go on long walks like I did-- my feet were EXHAUSTED by the end of our long trip around the city.

The Native American/Aztec/tribal inspired looks are incredible this summer. I love the patterns on t-shirts, dresses, and sneaks. The jewelry is also so beautiful-- these are some of my favorite earrings I own! Feathers, turquoise, and tribal patterns are so whimsical and I can't wait to find more tribal-inspired items in NYC. I love pairing this trend with more modern style, like this gold top from F21.

I'm a little grumpy about the hanger loops sticking out in the pics-- Forever 21 is notorious for those (as is H&M) and I don't want to get rid of them because they're somewhat functional. Any ideas on how to fix that problem? I've been really impressed with F21's plus line this year. I never am too excited by the website, but I often find the actual stores are filled with some amazing inexpensive finds. I've packed quite a few F21 items on this NYC trip, so you'll definitely see some of their styles on display here. How do you feel about the tribal trend? Are you rocking it this summer?


  1. I love your aztec sneakers and green glasses. This oufit is a cute and quirky look. Love it !

  2. I know what you mean! I usually remove the hanger loops from all my shirts cuz they're so annoying. And I just fold them up in a drawer.

    Anyhoo I love your shoes and hair! Is that your real hair color? It's gorgeous :D

    Castle Fashion

  3. The earrings are beautiful. I've owned a few pairs of the 3 for $30 sneakers for UO, but I was rough on them (bike riding) and they didn't last me as long as I had hoped. They're great basics, though, so I definitely recommend them for normal wear :)

    Cute cute cute!

  4. hope i could visit NYC too :) anyway I so love your red hair, is it natural? :) you are beautiful, and your blog title is so interesting (i read the origin of it) :) I enjoyed reading your posts so i am following you now, hope you follow me too. that would be much appreciated :)
    keep in touch! thank you so much :)

  5. Your earrings and shoes are beautiful. As you probably read on my blog I am Native American so I am a natural sucker for anything "NATIVE" inspired. Those shoes actually remind me of a beautiful blanket my dad owns. I always cut those hanger loops out of my clothes unless it is a dress that just will not stay on the hanger without them. I just fold cotton shirts over the hanger to hang. YAY I see you have put up a Google Friends Follower option in your side bar. Def following! Kiah

  6. You are too cute!! I love your hair! xoxo

  7. Those shoes are too cute and I love the crossbody bag. You look fab!