Thursday, July 14, 2011

#8 "Little" Bumblebee

As you may or may not know, I'm a teacher. It's one of the most important things in my life (yes, even more important than fashion!) and part of the reason I'm visiting NYC is to improve my craft. Yesterday, I visited an amazing school in NYC to observe what they do during summer school. This school is such an incredible place and the teachers are so invaluable for what they do. It reminds me how lucky I am to be a teacher and have the opportunity to watch other great teachers! As I promised a day or two ago, today I'm posting something in yellow for the Everybody Everywear challenge, but my outfit has a bit of a professional spin.

Hot and cranky!

One of my favorite simple necklaces.

A close up of my stretched ears. I know some find it gross, but I love them! These are beautiful cubic zirconia tunnels that look like real diamonds. The pic doesn't do them justice.

A close up of the daisy pattern.

TOP Black Draping Body Suit, Urban Outfitters | SKIRT Yellow Daisy Lace Pencil Skirt, Talbots | PUMPS Black Patent Leather Peep Toe Pumps, Nine West | NECKLACE Beaded and Jeweled Necklace, J Crew

I'm not too happy with the way the photos turned out because the lighting in our apartment is pretty atrocious. However, it was almost 100 degrees today in NYC and after a two-hour commute to and from Harlem, I couldn't bear to be outside any longer!

I definitely want to take a second to hype one of my favorite professional labels, Talbots. For a long time, I used to think this was kind of an old lady store and not for stylish 20-somethings. However, for those of us who are in professional (non-fashion) careers, it's a great store to shop at if you want to look stylish at work and if you appreciate classic but colorful pieces. They have a "regular" line that goes up to a size 18-20 and they have a "woman" line for plus-sized ladies that goes up to 24. They also have a petites line and a line for plus-sized petites. I really appreciate how they called their plus-size line "woman."

I'm a bit obsessed with pencil skirts and they often carry these in a huge variety of styles, colors, and patterns. Obviously, my yellow daisy print one is from Talbots and I just bought a beautiful bright green one and a deep purple one for the fall! My other favorite thing about them is that they regularly have pretty good sales and it's easy to find coupon codes online. In fact, they're having a end of season sale right now. And I know what you're thinking... I WISH they paid me to say all that! Just wanted to rep one of my favorite professional clothing lines for women of all sizes. How about you? What's your favorite place to shop for work/interview clothing?


  1. I can't say I ever shopped at Talbots. I should give 'em a try! The skirt is very cute... I need some nice classic (yet cool) skirts for my collection :)

    xo, Jill

  2. Love your skirt, Sarah! And how great that you teach ( I thought French for over a decade) what is your subject? Have you gotten my email by any chance?

  3. Sarah your skirt is SICK girl!! Loves it doll! You are so pretty! I actually tried this skirt on and another yellow sort of damisk designed pencil skirt. Love me some Talbots! Kiah

  4. I love this skirt and your "classy" stretched ears! It is so hot here too, I don't even want to go outside!


  5. Don’t sleep on Talbots they have some really nice stuff quality merchandise. This is such a beautiful skirt on you….very sophisticated!